kiss every one of my little fingers

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Anonymous: do you purge with your ed?


come off anon and tell me what consistency your shit was this morning 

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I just want somebody who will never stop choosing me. A.G. (via petitloupp)

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Do not pray anymore; the sky is deaf. Sophocles, Antigone. (via thecollectionofparadoxes)

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I don’t give a shit what the world thinks. I was born a bitch, I was born a painter, I was born fucked. But I was happy in my way. You did not understand what I am. I am love. I am pleasure, I am essence, I am an idiot, I am an alcoholic, I am tenacious. I am; simply I am…You are a shit. Frida Kahlo, from an unsent letter to Diego Rivera (via redwinerivers)

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